Many owners and members of their administrative staff located in New York and surrounding areas wonder why they need a photo booth at an event if they’ve already hired a photographer or videographer to create their formal and candid photos and videos. The fact is that a person walking around with a camera simply can’t capture people as easily in the same ways as a photo booth. Additionally, a photo booth offers a much wider range of instant snapshot and keepsake options. Consider the following:


Any event host hopes that an image professional can capture the atmosphere of the event and true emotions on display. Yet, when the goal is to create photos that show adults less restrained or children laughing and playing or just looking at a camera with a smile, then a photo booth is the best choice. Many event-goers, especially at formal events, refuse to show their true selves to photographers. Some even refuse to be photographed at all. Children, especially shy young ones and rebellious teens, often hide rather than pose for a photograph. Photo booths don’t chase after them or beg them for a few moments of their time. Instead, an enclosed automated booth just waits for curious adults and children and those trying to recapture happy childhood moments inside of mall or movie theater booths to push back a curtain, walk in, sit down and start playing. Open air photo booths attract even the shyest of people because they can see other event-goers having fun or the booth attendant offers them an opportunity to play dress up with a costume.


Although a photographer can set up a photo shoot area with a background, a photo booth makes that effort unnecessary. In fact, a photo booth can help a photographer or videographer focus more on walking around, meeting people and capturing individual and group candid moments rather than trying to get people to stand perfectly still or pose and smile on command. While a professional prowls around an event floor taking formal photos, for example, a photo booth can capture close-up, candid silly moments involving anywhere between one and 20 people, depending on the type of booth, with a greater number of available backgrounds. Event-goers can add digital backgrounds in an enclosed booth or ask an open air booth attendant to set up a particular special printed one.


Photographers and videographers often don’t have the tools on hand to create instant keepsakes at an event. Photo booth printing tools make it possible for event-goers to leave with color or black-and-white single or strip-style hard copies or photo albums. Photo booth renters who choose to pay extra for the service can even offer event-goers the option to upload and share instantly their photo booth snaps via email and on their social media accounts.

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