When it comes to building event photo booths, we’re committed to sustaining creativity and unique standards and our newest 180 Degree Gif Booths are the latest example of this creative ingenuity! After customizing and rebuilding, the 180 Degree Gif Booth has finally become fully optimized, with a 7 camera array system that allows photo takers to capture moments in record times! These creative GIF booths are fully equipped with professional, DSLR cameras that are able to capture subjects in full essence, from head to toe. The ready for action flash system also allows the booth to be fully functional for even the most basic technology users, who need only to pose and shoot to capture wonderful photos.

After 180 Degree Gif Booth users have had a blast shooting professional grade photos, they can easily load their handy work directly to all the most popular social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumbler. The bullet time feature of the booths allows users to create their own gifs and apply them across a multitude of social media applications. The software that is imbedded in the photo booths is extremely easy to use, and walks booth users through the entire process in order to ensure efficient results. This booth also provides an option for users to receive still images of their photography immediately after exiting the booth. With full access to this technology as well as fun props and costumes, booth users are bound to have loads of fun creating memories at weddings, parties, or other events that can last a lifetime.

Our company can also customize the 180 Degree GIFBooth with several unique indicators to add an extra theme to an already memorable photo session. Whether event hosts are interested in customized watermarks, social media messaging marks, or company logos for their 180 Degree Gif Booth, we provide it all. Use these special touches to remind event attenders of your unique service and the amount of fun they had while attending this event. These customizable options can serve as great advertisements for any company. We also customize backdrops for interested event hosts, which allow booth users to choose a backdrop theme that amplifies their own unique personalities. These unique features make the 180 Degree GIF Booths one of the most popular event activities in that we offer. These booths are available in a variety of different cities, including New Orleans, Miami, San Francisco, and several cities in Texas.

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