How to begin and get organized, things you should be doing first, a brief overview of the wedding industry, how it affects you, and some quick scam warnings. We’ll talk about useful sites that give you excellent free online tools to plan your wedding. Then we’ll set you free to roam and begin planning for your big day!

Before we start, let us remind you that now is the time to get your Official New Bride Name Change Kit with easy to use forms and checklists to help you change your Social Security records, drivers license, vehicle title, voter registration, passport, credit cards, banking, insurance, medical, and employment records.  Most agencies want to be notified within 30 days of your wedding.  Don’t put off name changing until the end, have it ready now.

Congratulations!  You’ve finally made the most important decision of your life and you’re getting married!  We are here to give you the free wedding planning tips you’ll need to plan the most successful scam free wedding possible.  You’ll find plenty of easy to read bridal tips, written with a humorous attitude.  After reading this site in its entirety, you’ll be able to plan your stress free wedding with confidence.  You’ll find the world’s best wedding tips in different categories, scams revealed, book reviews, wedding cakes and groom’s cake photos, links to only the most useful wedding sites, and honeymoon vacation planning.  If they are mentioned here, it’s because we’ve checked them out, used them, spent hours on the phone with their presidents and marketing managers, and are satisfied that they will provide good service, and have everything disclosed in writing.  We give you money saving bridal bargains such as choosing wedding dresses, photographers, DJs, florists, videographers, and bridal registries.  One of the first things you should do is to get a few wedding books for flowers, wedding cake ideas, and honeymoon destinations.

We reveal scams that other wedding sites gloss over or ignore, especially regarding bridal shops and bridal registries.  Look at most wedding sites and you’ll see they don’t mention the seedier side of the wedding industry, so they won’t alienate their advertisers.  We don’t care who we alienate in our quest to provide you with the best wedding tips and scam warnings. The only people we “cater to” is you.

Because of the scams that other sites don’t warn you about, many brides and grooms lose thousands of dollars, get totally scammed, or don’t receive the services they were verbally promised for their weddings.  They are treated worse than POW’s because they were unprepared and rushed into deals that they never should have.  Forget about courts helping you if you did not get anything in writing.  Suddenly the judge looks down upon you like you’re the criminal for not getting a contract.  But we’ll teach you everything you need to know to protect yourself.

Financing Tips For Your Wedding
You’ll need a clean credit card to handle deposits, and purchases in preparation for your wedding. If your credit is ok, but not perfect, try the useful Lending Tree Credit Card Search.  Their free service gives you up to 4 credit cards willing to issue credit to you.  What if you can’t get credit at all and keep getting rejected? Then try this Credit Card Finder For People With Bad Credit.  Don’t keep applying to credit cards, get rejected, and your credit history ruined further, find out who will approve you before you apply. They find at least 2 credit cards guaranteed to issue an unsecured credit card to you.  If your credit is so bad and If you’re in too deep, maybe now is not the time for a new card.  But don’t take on more debt with a consolidation loan, try a debt reduction program instead like the non-profit  You get an interest rate reduction payment, which pays off your balances much quicker than you ever could, as interest is eliminated or greatly reduced.

Tip: Be sure to setup your honeymoon registry!

You should start your honeymoon registry in addition to your bridal registry. Sites like  have a great free online honeymoon gift registry that lets your wedding guests get you activities like snorkel trips, luaus, helicopter rides, sunset cruises, and more for your wedding gifts. Now you don’t have to pay for anything, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the free excursions paid for by your friends & coworkers, and you’ll have great stories to tell them when you get back.

Wedding Vows
We get many people asking us about wedding vows and suggestions.  We are not experts in that subject so we recommend a nice book for you from The Knot, called The Knot Guide to Wedding Vows and Traditions : Readings, Rituals, Music, Dances, Speeches, and Toasts.

Wedding Planning For The New Millennium
Forget about the way your parents or friends planned weddings, that’s all old school now.  No more lost crumpled papers with guests addresses, in the new millennium we do everything electronically with easy to use software.  Now you can store your whole wedding event on one file on your PC, including your guest lists, for easy alphabetizing, printing, and editing. SmartWedding 4.0 Wedding Planning Software is a useful tool, with easy to create wedding reception seating plans, track wedding guests, invitations, RSVPs, manages your wedding budget. To-do checklist to remembers every detail. We like it better than wedding planners, where you must write, erase, write. Wedding planning software really shines through for you in the guest list and seating planning area. Do you have pieces of paper all over the floor for each guest and table?  Not any more, that’s old school wedding planning! The software also tracks all the wedding gifts you receive. This helps many brides, who have a hard time tracking which guest sent which wedding gift. Wedding planner software saves you hours in planning time, and makes you a much more productive wedding planner.  You are a fool to not use some type of wedding software tools, especially for planning wedding budgets.  If you are considering a career as a wedding planner, you’ll definitely want to use wedding software.

There’s a lot of work to do before you send out the wedding invitations. These free web sites and software offerings are the easiest way to plan your wedding, and keep your guests informed before you exchange those wedding vows.  Gone are the days where wedding guests have to wait in line at the department store for 20 minutes to get the clerk’s attention, then spend another hour trying to find your gift.  Now, they just log onto your free web site, lookup where you are registered, print out your gift list, and buy your gift securely online, without leaving their house.  Now you don’t have to lug your gifts at the reception. That’s a great benefit to many of us whose hectic stressful lives keep us so busy we don’t even have time to go to the store to buy a gift.  Many brides register online, to avoid the hassles and scams you’ll read about in our bridal registry section.

Examples of common scams to watch out for
Each section of reveals the scams and caveats to look out for.  One of the most common scams you’ll see that gets the most complaints, is bridal shops who tear the designer’s label off the dresses so you can’t see who the designer is and go comparison shop.  Only in this industry are they arrogant enough to get away with it, even though it’s illegal.  I guess we should tell department stores to scratch the “Nikon” and “Canon” off their cameras, so you can’t see who makes them and go comparison shop at other stores!  You don’t have to be an expert to know it’s a violation of FTC rules to remove labels from the dresses in the store.  Only the consumer is allowed to do that.  This is downright deceitful, yet many shops do it anyway, then perpetuate the lie further by lying to you saying it’s not illegal.  If they don’t like competition, they should not be in the industry.

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