Weight training will firm your body and maybe even give you some killer biceps.  While it doesn’t promise to reduce your weight, those toned arms will look great in your sleeveless gown!  Below are a few facts and suggestions for the novice body builder.

  • To start, schedule a weight routine for twice a week, using a 5-lb barbell.
  • Your weight routine should include 8-10 different exercises that each work separate muscle groups.
  • Each individual exercise should include 10-15 repetitions.  If you can’t do 10 repetitions, then your barbells are too heavy.  If you can easily do 15, then you should choose heavier barbells to work with.
  • If you plan on doing cardiovascular and weights on the same day, work out with weights first, and then move onto the aerobic activity.

If you like the idea of toned muscles, but don’t feel that lifting weights is for you, consider swimming.  The water provides gentle resistance and is especially good for those people who have weak joints.

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