Love it or hate it the tradition of “clinking” glasses so the bride and groom will kiss is here to stay!

Why not try a new twist with this age-old idea?

It seems that in this day and age the bride and groom are fighting back! By turning the tables on those who “clink,” the last laugh can now belong to the happy couple!

Be creative when you plot your revenge or just adopt an idea
from the list below.
The Song

The most popular new trend in “clinking” is the song. Each table
must stand and regale the bride and groom with a song containing
the word love. At my own nuptials they ran the gamut from There is Love to Paradise by the Dashboard Light.
So go ahead, see how tonally challenged your family and friends really are. An alternative to the word love could be anything
else you can dream up. Perhaps you have a particular interest in something like say dog grooming as an example.
Have your guests incorporate the word dog into their song, the list
is limitless!

 The old Switch-a-roo

One of the funniest ideas I’ve seen was at a recent wedding I attended. Whenever the “clinking” began the bride and groom would pick two people from that table (as mismatched as possible) who would have to demonstrate a kiss that the happy couple would have to copy. This was a riot! As the evening wore on the displays became more and more involved and exaggerated! So do it,pair your spinster Aunt Fanny with the guest lists sexiest lothario and watch the fun unfold.

The Balloon

The balloon is fast becoming a trend at today’s weddings. Prior to the reception the bride and groom insert an instruction sheet in each
balloon. Before they kiss the “clinking” table must follow the instructions like telling a funny anecdote about the bride and groom
or perhaps by having to re-enact the proposal to their own spouse.
Another twist on the balloon is for names of the guests be inserted in each,before kissing the newlyweds pop two and the named guests
must kiss first. Imagine Uncle Fred and Grandpa smooching!

The Limerick
Find out how funny your family and friends are, have each table compose a limerick about the new couple that must be read before the kiss. Don’t forget to remind cousin BillyBob to keep it clean!

The Picture

In your invitation you could request that each guest bring a picture
from their own wedding.Then a “Rogues Gallery” of sorts could be
set up that each guest could add to in order to have the right to “clink.”

The Donation

If you have a cause that is particularly near and dear to your heart this idea is terrific. Request that each table deposit a small donation
into a box you provide, it could then be forwarded to your favorite charity.

20 Questions

Find out how much your guests know about you with this idea. When ever a table “clinks” a trivia question must first be answered about the bride and groom, ie “Where did we meet”.

The Barnyard

This is a particularly hot idea with any little ones that may attend your wedding but it can also provide fun for all! Put a place card on each table with a picture of a barnyard animal (cow, pig, etc.),Each table must then stand and do their best rendition of the animal.
It could be a hoot to see your boss cluck and flap like a chicken!

If all else fails you could just stick with the original “clink”, after all what
could be so bad about kissin’ your new spouse…so PUCKER UP

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