Between work-life and home-life, you may already feel overwhelmed. Now you need to fit in your wedding-life! Learn how to keep your career and your daily life running smoothly with these wedding planning tips.

Organize, prioritize, and delegate 
First, purchase a planner. Whether it is a wedding planning notebook, an online planner, or simply a calendar, you will need a place to record when each of your tasks needs to be completed. Carry this with you to work, so you may jot down any ideas that may come to you throughout the day. Second, figure out what is most important to you. You may end up sacrificing a few wedding wants if you run out of resources. Be sure to decide early on what you are willing to give up. Third, figure out the tasks you would like to do on your own. For every item left, you can delegate to your friends or family. If you are a control freak, this may be tough for you, but remember, your future mother-in-law will be asking for tasks! Also, this process allows you to assign tasks, rather than risk having people take charge of something you’d rather do.

Use your time wisely 
Work can monopolize a lot of your time. Be upfront with your boss about your wedding plans. Let your boss know in advance the vacation time you think you will need for your wedding and honeymoon.

You may also need more planning time aside from evenings and weekends. If you need to make vendor appointments during the workday, perhaps your boss will let you leave early and make the time up another day. Also, take advantage of your lunch hour and breaks. You can squeeze in phone calls, or send e-mails or faxes.

Instead of wasting your evenings on the phone interviewing every vendor in town, try using the Internet to get more information to help you narrow down your vendor choices before you begin making phone calls. Also, try reading vendor brochures and contracts while commuting or while on the treadmill.

Still falling behind? 
If you are starting to get stressed out, you may have to enlist some professional help to keep your sanity. Is it possible to drop some work hours or hire a temp? Could you hire a housekeeper to tidy up once a week? Does your budget allow a wedding coordinator?

Keep in mind that you should always save sometime for yourself. Although your wedding is special, your vows and your marriage are far more important no matter what happens at your wedding!

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