Most brides on their wedding day want to look their best. However, looking their best does not have to mean looking “made up”.

The bride of the 90’s wants a very clean and natural look. There are many ways to achieve such a look. The best makeover starts with the correct foundation for your skin type & color. The first thing to do is to know your skin type. Do you have to apply powder throughout the day to control shine? Are you prone to breakouts? If so, then you most likely have oily skin and don’t want a foundation that compounds the problem. You’re best bet would be to choose a matte foundation, which is water based and does not add unwanted oil to your skin. If your everyday makeup tends to look blotchy and you feel as though your skin “drinks” moisturizer, then you most likely have dry skin. If this is the case, then your skin will benefit from the added oils that are found in a fluid foundation.

The best way to test the color of the foundation is to apply a small amount close to your jaw line. The goal is to find the closest match to your neck, which will give you an even look. You want your makeup to blend in nicely with your natural skin tone. Once you have applied the foundation it is always best to check the color in the sunlight (other lighting, such as fluorescent, will effect the color). If you cannot see the foundation, then you have a good match!

Regardless of the type or color of the foundation, the single most important thing for your wedding day makeup is POWDER!!! Ask any photographer and they will also agree that this is a very important step. The most commonly asked question that I get is “will my makeup last throughout the day?” The answer is yes, if you use powder. The powder, when pressed into the skin, will help to “set” your makeup giving you that long lasting effect that all brides want. Also, the last thing you want to see in your pictures is shine. In order to avoid shine you may need to powder several times throughout the day. My suggestion to brides is to have your maid of honor keep your powder handy and to let you know when you need a touch up.

Most importantly be good to yourself on your wedding day, try to relax and enjoy your day. After all, this day is a “once in a lifetime.”

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