Faith, Gaithersburg, MD

We’re having candles with our names and our wedding date printed on them and silver or gold wedding bells. The candles come from Yankee Candle in MA and are very inexpensive ($1.55/candle). The bells can be found relatively cheaply also.

Terra Cotta Pots
Lori, Toluca Lake, CA

I am making miniature terra cotta pot candles (about the size of votives) from SCRATCH! Scenting them with vanilla tying them with tulle and a sprig of dried flowers.

Watering Can
Kristine, Sacramento, CA

We’re using a small galvanized tin watering can (found at local discount store for 99 cents each) that is just the right size to place a votive candle inside. Then, tie a small ribbon around the watering can handle to spruce it up. I printed up some labels with our names and the date on them onto clear labels and will put those directly onto the watering cans.

Wedding Bell Candles
Traci, West Chester, PA

We purchased Yankee Candle votives in purple, lavender, and white (the colors of our wedding) and glass votive holders; the ones that resemble flowerpots and put the votives in the glass holders and then wrapped them upside down in tulle and tied them with a white silk rose. When wrapped up like this they look like wedding bells.

Mini Tapers
Tina, Las Vegas, NV

My fianc and I are having a medieval wedding and are using candles as our favors. I am taking 6″ mini tapers and placing them in these little candle holders I found at the craft store. I am then tying a printed ribbon around the holder and attaching two little gold rings to the bow of the ribbon. They are very inexpensive and look really nice!

Brandy Glasses with Candles
Susie, San Mateo, CA

We’re using brandy glasses with a votive candle put inside each one of them.  The brandy glasses’ shape yields a beautiful outline for the candle inside and ribbons can easily be tied to the glasses’ stems.  For an extra touch (and a bit of sparkle) attach two gold colored rings to the ribbon by the bow. Each favor will cost about $3.00 to make.

Tea Light Holders
Vicki, West Covina, CA

We wanted to give guests something they could use later. We found small glass tea light holders and put scented tealights (in our color & without the tin holder). Wrapped it in a tulle circle and tied it with a gold ribbon with a tag with our names on it. It looks great and costs under a buck!

Beeswax Candles
Jodie, Trail, British Columbia

I am making small candlesticks out of beeswax.   Each place setting will have 2 candles joined together at the wick (as a symbol of unity) with each candle of the set being made of my wedding colors.  Tied together with ribbon & a thank-you card signed by both myself and my husband to be.  Quite inexpensive! Under $2.00 (Canadian) each!!!!

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