Coffee Mug
Lori, New Jersey

I found a company that will put our names and wedding date on a coffee mug. The mug is white with brown writing (the color of my bridesmaids dresses). I bought instant Cappuccino packets for $10.00 for 32 packets. I also plan on wrapping Hershey kisses in tulle and putting them in the mug! Each favor will cost less than $2.00!

Miniature Champagne Bottles
Kathy, Bradley Beach, NJ

We gave each couple and each single guest a small bottle of champagne. The bottles of champagne had tuxedos on, and on the back we printed our names and wedding date with a gold paint pen. Also, since my husband is a firefighter, we used small fire chief hats with a card that read “chief” and printed every one’s name and table number on them.

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans
Stephanie and Doug, Waterloo, NY

We are both coffee lovers – we are putting chocolate covered coffee beans into small gold boxes tied with ribbon and a note that says: “The Perfect Blend – Stephanie & Doug 10/9/99”

Mini Wine Bottles
Anna, Austin, TX

We’re giving away miniature wine bottles (they fill one glass of wine), and making our own labels. The labels are our engagement portrait, scanned into the computer. Designed around the picture, are our names, wedding date, and ingredients (love, honesty, friendship, etc.) and the names of the wedding party. The labels are printed on sticky paper by a graphics store. We bought the bottles from the our local grocery store – 4 bottles in a box for $4.69 of Gallo Chardonnay. We spent around $50 printing the labels (175). One note: be sure and get your photographer to sign a waiver of the copyright – we added “Photography courtesy of…” on the label.

Coffee Mug
Barbara, Cape Coral, Florida

For my daughter’s wedding I ordered white coffee mugs with the bride’s and groom’s name and wedding date imprinted on them in the color of her attendants’ dresses. They also have a rose imprinted on them in the same color since rose is her motif. I am making raspberry chocolate coffee spoons enclosed in glassine wrappers tied with a lavender ribbon.

Personalized Sodas
Stacey, Madison, Wisconsin

We are ordering personalized sodas!  We both love Cream Soda, so we found a company that bottles personalized orders.  The labels will have our names and our wedding date on them!  Total cost is about $100 for 100 bottles!

Homemade Beer
Aimee, Piscataway, NJ

My fianc will be home brewing beer for our favors! I’ll be using my computer to design and print out labels. We’ll cover the top of each bottle with gold foil and tie them with ivory ribbon (our wedding colors). The favors will be a true example of our teamwork! Since he already has the brewing equipment, it will cost us about $1.50 each (ingredients, bottle, cap, and decorations). I cannot wait for our families and friends to enjoy his brew!

Amy, Leesburg, VA

We are having a January wedding and both of us love coffee. So, we are having individual bags of flavored coffee and a chocolate dipped spoon for each guest. Just wrap in tulle and ribbon!! We have a friend that got us the favors at cost, since he is the owner of a coffee shop. But they retail for about $3 per person.

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