Wedding announcements are an optional tradition (and expense). Announcements are sent to those friends who are not invited to the wedding because of guest list limitations or to those friends who live too far away to travel or who are too sick to travel.

Announcements carry no obligation, so anyone who receives an announcement is not obligated to send a gift.

When To Send

Announcements are mailed as soon as possible after the wedding. Usually the parents of the bride send them out on the wedding day so that they are received soon after the wedding. The date is included in the announcement but not the time or location of the ceremony and reception.

Announcements are very common when a couple elopes and may be sent several weeks after the wedding.


The traditional wording of wedding announcements is as follows:

Mr. & Mrs. John Doe Smith
have the honour of
announcing the marriage of their daughter
Linda Sue
Mr. Christopher John Green
Saturday, the ninth of May
two thousand and two
New Jersey, New Jersey

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