With the first year of marriage are all of the adjustments you make as a couple to married life. Now you live together, share financial obligations, and perhaps have begun or are planning to expand your family. Your one-year anniversary is an opportunity for you to celebrate your love for one another. Celebrating it brings you close together and reminds you of the reasons that you decided to marry each other.

There are many ways that you can celebrate your anniversary, whether you would like to take a trip or stay in. Typically, at a minimum you will either go out to each together or have a quiet dinner at home. You can spend this time together discussing your year together, reminiscing about your wedding day, and discussing plans for your future years together. If you saved your wedding cake, you can defrost it and share it. Or you could have a miniature replica of your wedding cake made for this special day.

If you prefer to celebrate with family and friends, invite them over for a barbecue or small party. You could watch the wedding video or look through the photo album with everyone. This way you could reminisce with everyone about your special day.

You could also plan an anniversary trip. If you would like to renew your marriage vows, Las Vegas and Hawaii are popular options. The most important thing is that you both find a place you would like to visit and that you have time with each other to enjoy your one-year anniversary celebration. Some couples prefer a beachy resort to a tour of Europe. You may like to revisit your honeymoon destination or try something new. You may want to spend a week at your destination or find a place near your residence to head over for a long weekend.

For those on a tight budget, there are plenty of trips that you can take that may not be as expensive as other options. You may like an overnight stay at a nice bed-and-breakfast. If you live near some parks you can go camping for a few days. If you don’t feel rustic enough for a tent, you could also stay at a cabin for a little extra.

No matter how you choose to celebrate your one-year anniversary, just be sure to remember to commemorate that special day somehow, and be happy to be with your love!

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