Watering Cans – Purchase small tin watering cans that can be found at craft stores.  Place seeds or candies wrapped with tulle inside the watering can. Tie personalized ribbons onto the handle.

Beeswax Candles – Make candles out of beeswax.  Beeswax can be purchased at hardware or craft stores.  Make one candle per guest or two connected by a common wick.  Tie with Ribbon and hot glue a silk flower to the bow to complete the look.

Cookie Cutters – Buy cookie cutters in the shape of hearts or other wedding themes.  Attach with a recipe for sugar cookies or a small package of cookie mix to get your guests started.

Flower Bulbs – Give away flower bulbs.  Wrap them in cellophane and tie with ribbons or place bulbs in decorated terra cotta pots.

Homemade Jam – Make jam and place it into small jars.  Decorate the jars with lace around the lid or with ribbon.  Finish the look with a label that lists your names and the wedding date.

Painted Champagne Flutes – Purchase champagne flutes and paint them or decorate them with ribbon.  Leave the flute empty or place a small bag of candy inside.

Stained Glass Sun Catchers – Purchase or make sun catchers.  Sun catcher kits can be purchased at many craft stores.  Choose bells, hearts, or other wedding themes.  Finish the favor by tying it with ribbon.

Tape Cassette – Make a tape cassette, either on your own or with your DJ’s help.  Place all the special songs played at your wedding on the tape.  Decorate the cover with a color photocopy of you and your husband or with a simple label depicting your names and the wedding date.

Chocolate Lollipops – Purchase candy molds specifically made for lollipops.  Pour melted chocolate into the mold and secure the lollipop stick.  Place in the freezer and after it is hard, put your creations into small bags and tie with a ribbon.  For an added touch, glue a small silk flower to the bow.

Caricatures – Hire a caricature artist to do caricatures of all our guests.  Place the finished works into frames and distribute them to the guests later in the reception.  If a caricature artist is too expensive, assign someone to take Polaroid pictures of your guests instead.

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