When you are planning a wedding or other special occasion, having a way to commemorate it and make the event memorable and special is very important. One great thing that you should invest in for your event would be a photo booth. If you are looking to have a photo booth at your special event, there are a variety of tips that you could follow that could help to make it more creative and fun.

Chalkboard Backdrop 
One great idea that you should consider for your photo booth would be to have a chalkboard backdrop. When you have a chalkboard backdrop behind your photo booth, it will immediately give a very rustic and classic appeal to your photo booth. Furthermore, you and your guests could draw and write on the chalkboard to provide more clever photographs and a personalized touch.

Bring Photos to Life 
Traditionally, a photo booth has been used to take still photos. While there is still a lot of fun that comes with these traditional photos, today you can take advantage of technologies that will allow you to make your photos come alive. One of the fun advancements in photo booths over the past few years has been the continued advancement of GIF-enabled photos. This allows you to take a digital photo that will capture movement for a couple seconds before and after the photo is taken.

Multi Angle 
Another great option that can help to bring a photo to life is to take multi-angle photos. These photos use a moving camera that will allow you to capture up to 180 degrees of an image all in one photo. This will allow you to see a live moving picture as well as pick the perfect frame from all photos that are taken during the day.

Black and White 
While having the fun modernized photos is a good idea, black and white photos continue to be a classic option when you are hosting a great party. If you are trying to have a classier event, you could truly impress all of your guests with your black and white photos. Further, all people look better in black and white photos, which will give you some beautiful pictures to look at after your big event is over.

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