1. Choose a simpler style gown with less beading, lace and detail. If you really want more beads and sequins, they can always be added later by a seamstress or by a friend or relative who sews.
  2. Hire a seamstress to make your wedding dress.
  3. Purchase your wedding gown at a place other than a bridal salon. See Where To Buy Your Wedding Dress.
  4. Rent your wedding dress.
  5. Make your own veil. Most craft stores sell how-to books and supplies. You can save hundreds of dollars by making your own.
  6. Don’t dye the bridesmaid’s shoes.Instead, have them wear white or black shoes, depending on the shade of their dresses.
  7. Borrow. You can get everything from a crinoline slip to your wedding dress.
  8. Forget the purse, you don’t need it.
  9. If you opt to go with a bridal salon, choose all your dresses from the same place. They might give you a discount, or at least free alterations.
  10. Save money by not purchasing a going away outfit. You’re only going to wear your wedding gown once, so why not enjoy every single moment! Plus, the 20 minutes or more that it takes to change, will take you away from your reception and your guests.

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