Honestly Bride Lady – What do I do with my gloves during and after the ceremony?

With spring and summer fast approaching, many brides are desirous of wearing gloves with their wedding gowns. But alas, as many of my brides write, what to do with the gloves and WHEN?

What do I do when it is time to place the ring on my finger?

  1. Before the ceremony, “slit the seams” on the ring finger of your glove. Then just push the material back when it is time for him to place the ring on your finger and wa-la, you are ready for the big moment. After the ring has reached its intended destination, pull the fabric back over your finger.

    This same approach can also be used to show your rings off to your guests. If you desire to have a non-slit glove on your left hand after the ceremony, purchase an extra pair of gloves and have someone hand them to you when the recessional ends.

  2. The second alternative is to take your gloves off during the ceremony and hand them to your honor attendant. Then, at a predetermined point in the ceremony, and she can hand them back to you. Let me warn you though, that trying to get gloves on and off when you are nervous can be a bit awkward, especially if they are long.

    Ask your clergy if you can remove and then place your glove back on when your back is to your guests.

    Personally, I vote for the “slitting the seams on your ring finger.”

Do I wear my gloves during the receiving line?

YES – by all means do so. They are a part of your wedding attire.

Do I wear my gloves while eating?

NO – and that includes the partaking of the cake also.

Do I wear my gloves during the rest of the reception?

YES! If you like. However, many brides do remove their gloves as the festivities wear on.

So – TO GLOVE or NOT TO GLOVE need no longer be an issue. Just remember the rules and you’ll be fine. Gloves worn with your wedding attire can add grace and dignity to many gowns.

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