Being asked to be a part of a loved ones wedding is always an honor but what if its a role you have never played before. Should you honorably decline or should you go along with it and hope for the best? What if you were asked to be a wedding mc, what would you do? Most people aren’t aware of what they should actually do  there are some important bridal tips so lets go over simple tips on how to stay calm and to help the wedding go off as planned. Knowing what is expected of you is the most important thing of all. You will basically be responsible that all planned events go as planned and in a timely manner. Before becoming disorganized and stress yourself sit down with a pen and paper to create you list of things that you need to check in on. Being prepared is crucial so make sure you understand what roles the groom and bride want to play in the wedding and reception. By discussing this with them you will know what is needed of you. You will need to create a schedule of what time each wedding theme event should be taking place as well as who is in charge of each. You should always confirm each event with the coordinator in advance to make sure everything is running smoothly and if not you have time to help fix the problem. Make sure to keep everyone on their toes and on time. This will help to keep things being rushed instead of flowing naturally. A wedding mc should always be ready in case a disaster happens or something unexpected comes up such as a messed up menu or perhaps an entertainer is late. As the wedding mc it is your responsibility to keep others calm especially the bride and groom when things arise. Make sure not to over exaggerate otherwise its going to cause cause stress on everyone. By creating a check list beforehand you will be able to mark things off as you are assured there are no issues with the events. This will keep you from forgetting something that may become an issue otherwise. Being a wedding mc is a huge responsibility and is usually awarded to someone that both the

bride and groom and trust with their big day. Remember out of all the people they could have possibly chosen they selected you to be in charge of everything. The whole outcome of the reception and how smoothly it runs depends on you. If you are running low on time and have a lot of things to tend to its okay to ask for help but remember you are the one in charge. Priority should play a big part in your check list as well. Things such as the food, music, and seating are some of the most important things at the reception so here are a few tips to keep things rolling. Make sure to use placement cards with bold letting for the tables so there will no mistaken identities. Call the caters before leaving the church to make sure everything is going as planned. Double check the menu at the rehearsal dinner and then again right before the wedding. As far as the music and entertainment goes call all acts, bands, and singers ahead of time to confirm they will be there especially at a beach wedding. This is just a few of things that a wedding mc is responsible for but no matter how well prepared you are things will always arise just take pride in your work and take it one stride at a time

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