It is absolutely necessary that the Bride write a thank-you note for every single present received, whether she thanked the donor in person or not. It is in very poor taste not to write a thank-you note. Some consultants say that it is okay to omit thank-you notes to close friends and relatives, however I disagree. Everyone who sends or gives you a gift should receive a note. Also keep in mind that all thank-you notes should be sent within three months of the wedding.


  Address your thank-you note envelopes when you are addressing your invitations. This will save you some time later.
  When your gifts arrive, write them down immediately on your guest/gift list. Then write your notes on the day the presents arrive for as long as you can keep up.
  Thank-you notes sent before the wedding should bear the Bride’s maiden name.
  Thank-you notes sent after the wedding should bear the married name.
  Thank-you notes are always handwritten and signed by the Bride.
  Thank-you notes are sent on plain notepaper which may be monogrammed.
  The thank-you note must make a reference to the particular gift received.


To A Close Friend

Dear Kathy,

It was so nice of you to send us those two place settings of our china! Chris and I thank you very much and can’t wait for you and Adam to join us for dinner so that we can put them to good use!

Can’t wait to see you at the wedding!



More Formal

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Nelson,

Thank you so much for the picture frame that you sent to us. It was very thoughtful. We are using it to display our engagement photo. We look forward to seeing you both on the 25th. Thanks again.



For A Gift Received After The Wedding

Dear Mrs. Nelson,

Thank you so much for the wall clock that you sent to us. It matches our kitchen perfectly.

If you are ever in our neighborhood, please stop in and see how wonderful it looks in our new home.



For A Gift Of Money

Dear Uncle Barton,

Thank you so much for the check that you sent to us. Your generous gift has been deposited it into our savings account for a new computer.

Thanks again.



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