It all boils down to this folks. The package I am recommending here will be fine for 90% of you.  In keeping up with the Jones’s, here is what you should have in your finished product:

3 Fully Studio Edited Tapes (not edited in camera), at least one in SVHS Format, or DVD when that format becomes available in affordable rates.  Ideally, DVD would be best because they don’t wear out like video.
Titles, Invitation, Picture Story, 10 minute Video Recap, Location Sequence
Great music recorded from CD
Lots of great computerized digital effects, but not overdone
Multi-Camera shoot at Ceremony only (About $250 more).  Not everyone does this.

This should get you going. Remember, do what YOU want to do, not what other people expect of you, and and stay sharp. The only one looking out for you is YOU. The wedding industry can be a nasty, and expensive, nickel-and-dime-you-to-death industry. There’s enough hidden charges and weasel clauses out there to confuse a used car salesman. They make you feel sub-human for not buying this or that, but armed with the knowledge I’ve given you here, you are now fearless wedding warriors in my image (yuk, what a thought) ready to deal with the best of them. And remember, if they don’t put it in writing, it means they won’t do it!

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