Shopping for invitations can be difficult if you are not prepared. We have compiled a list of shopping tips below to help you through the invitation ordering process.

Before You Visit The Stationer

  Decide on the exact number of invitations you will be ordering. Keep in mind that you will need to order extra invitations and even more envelopes in case you make any mistakes while addressing them.
  Make sure you have the correct spelling of all names and venues that you will be including on the invitation.
  Determine your budget for the invitations and stationery.
  Consider the style of your wedding. If your wedding is formal you will need a formal invitation and if your wedding is informal.


Additional Tips

  When choosing an invitation, decide on the type of paper first, then the printing style. From these two items you should be able to choose an invitation that fits your budget.
  When ordering the invitations, order at least 25 extra invitations and 10% more envelopes.
  Proofread the order two or three times before you leave the stationer.
  When the order comes in, proofread and count the order while you are still at the store to make sure that you received everything. Don’t leave the store until you are sure!
  Don’t buy stamps for the invitations until after they have come in. Stuff an envelope with everything that will be included, response cards, maps, etc. and then take it to the post office to be weighed.

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