Response Cards are included with the invitations to indicate whether or not a guest will attend your wedding.

To Send or Not To Send?

I have heard so many opinions on response cards that I’m not sure where to begin. Some people think it is tacky to send these cards because guests should feel honored to be invited and should reply on their own.

Some say that it is a waste of money to include them because only about half of the people send them back anyway – even if they have a stamp!! One mother told me that people won’t send it back so that they don’t have to tell you they are not coming. I think that is absurd because the bride will not only be a little tiffed after the wedding that a person did not show up, but also that they did not bother to reply.

You should always reply!!!!! How hard is it?

Anyway, one bride and groom told me they would never tell anyone to skip the response cards because they had so much fun with them. Every day before the wedding they would enjoy checking the mail to see who would be coming to their wedding. This particular couple invited 150 guests and received all but one of the response cards!!

I have to agree with the couple above. We sent response cards with our invitations and it was very fun receiving them. Many people write a cute note on them when they send them back! We got a pretty accurate head count by sending response cards as well.

The only circumstances under which I would recommend not sending response cards is if you are having an ultra-formal wedding or if you are trying to save money.

Don’t Forget The Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope

If you do decide to send response cards, make sure that you include self-addressed stamped envelopes for them. Also, never leave a blank space for the guest to fill in the number of guests attending. Some may think that this means they can bring their entire family!


The proper wording of the response card is as follows:

The favor of a reply is requested
by the fourteenth of June
will _____________________ attend.


Please respond on or before
by the fourteenth of June
will _____________________ attend.

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