Renewing wedding vows has become increasingly popular over the last 20 years. While the vast majority of vow renewals are for couples celebrating long marriages (usually 20 years or more), it is now becoming more prevalent for couples that have been married for shorter periods. Most couples do choose to renew vows on significant anniversaries, however, vow renewals are also becoming commonplace for couples who perform two marriages within a short period of time to accommodate relatives or schedules.

Vow renewals can range from a simple affair to an all out wedding. Couples who married in a hurry for various reasons often have the big wedding for their vow renewal several years later when they are more financially established or have more time to devote to the planning. Also, couples who are in the military, have family overseas, or other scheduling conflicts, have managed to marry twice in the same year to make sure that everyone they love could share in their wedding.

Vow renewals are also very popular as destination weddings. Vow renewal packages are offered in various locations throughout the United States, Hawaii and the US Territory islands. These vow renewals are usually casual, generally performed on the beach or other public domain, but the couple has the right to make the occasion formal, informal or casual as they see fit. When considering one of these types of vow renewals, do your homework. Check out several and see what they have to offer. And because they want your business, especially in the off-season, you may be able to come up with some spectacular bargains. Just make sure whatever is agreed to is provided in writing by the establishment offering you the package. Read contracts carefully and never sign anything if you are unsure and read any and all fine print very carefully.

I am currently working on a vow renewal for my husband and I and we plan to make it the big wedding we never had. We have chosen to have the vowel renewal and the reception in a hotel to keep it simple and not make everyone travel all over creation. Hotels offer some wonderful Wedding Packages for getting your business. Most do not charge for the use of their meeting rooms or ballrooms, no charge for the tables and chairs, some will provide your linens and dishes and some will even provide your centerpieces (usually simple pieces like a candle with a flower) as long as you have a meal. From my research to date, I’ve already saved about $1,000.00 by not having to rent anything. The hotel also offers complimentary accommodations for the couple and discounted rates for a block of rooms for out of town guests. Most large hotels have the resources and the variety to make your vow renewal as simple or spectacular as you wish.

If you do choose to do a vow renewal, have fun with it. Don’t allow yourself to feel the stress and pressure that you did when you married the first time. Give yourself plenty of time to research and explore the possibilities and remember that this is a party a celebration of the love you have for each other and the devotion of family and friends who have supported you and been there for you. Have a great time and have a dance for me.

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