Tell the world (or at least Chicagoland) the good news about your engagement and wedding with an announcement in the local paper. Most publications charge a minimal fee for announcements but have deadlines for publishing them so you’ll need to plan ahead to ensure your announcement is printed. Chicago Bride contacted some local newspapers to get you the information you need to spread the good word.

The Beacon News

To place an announcement in this paper, you’ll want to call Gail, at (630) 844- 5816. The Beacon News prints three different sizes of engagement and wedding announcements. Print a 1 x 2 announcement with a black and white photo for free or print a color photo for $100. Your announcement will be published in the Keepsakes section of the paper which prints on Sundays. Allow three weeks for your announcement to be printed.

Chicago Sun-Times

In order to place an engagement and/or wedding announcement in the Chicago Sun-Times, you can call Michelle at (312) 321-2345. She will send you a form to fill out charging $3 for each line and an additional $50 for a picture. The announcement will be printed in the “B” section’s Happy Ads. Announcements are printed daily so be sure to specify the day you want and be sure to get your information in by 4 p.m. the day before. If you’re including a picture, allow extra time.

Chicago Tribune

To place a wedding and/or engagement announcement in the Thursday TEMPO section, call (312) 222-4049 to hear a recorded message of instructions. No fee is charged for this service, but there is no guarantee that announcements will be published. The Chicago Tribune will accept photos ranging from wallet size to 8 x 10, however there is no guarantee it will be returned. Wedding announcements must be received in enough time for them to appear no later than nine weeks after the wedding. The deadline for engagement announcements is no earlier than four weeks prior to the wedding date. To purchase a paid wedding announcement and guarantee it to be published, call (312) 222-4094.

The Courier News

Judy, at (847) 289-7914, will send you a form or take down your information to place your announcement in this newspaper’s Our Town section. Engagement and wedding announcements are printed every Sunday and are free if you’d like a 1 x 2 announcement with a black and white photo. Pricing can range to approximately $200 for more wording, color photos and space increases. Have all your information in two weeks before the publishing date to guarantee print.

Daily Southtown

Eloise, at (708) 633-5974, will take your name and address and will mail you the forms for engagement and wedding announcements. Photos are accepted and there is no fee for the service. Announcements are published on Sundays, in the Family Life section.


Daily Herald

To receive the necessary forms for engagement or wedding announcements, call Norrine Twohey at (847) 427-4495. You can also visit and enter the “Contact Us” area where you will be directed to the Commitment forms for announcements. Photos are accepted and fees range from $20 to $60 depending on county. Announcements run on the third Sunday of every month; information and pictures need to be in 20 days ahead of time.

Daily Journal

Janet, at (815) 929-2129, will send you the necessary forms you need to place your announcement in the paper. Announcements are published on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month in the Keepsakes section. To ensure publication, have your information and photograph to her three weeks prior to publication date. There is no charge for announcements, but make sure to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope so your picture is returned to you.

Herald News

Engagement and wedding announcements are published in the Herald News every Sunday in the Keepsakes section. Call Nancy at (815) 729-6082 for the necessary forms. Pricing ranges from $25 to $260 to include pictures, and .50 per word. Make sure your picture and information is in by Friday at 4:30 p.m. to ensure your announcement gets printed on Sunday.

Kane County Chronicle

To publish an announcement call (630) 232-9222 and request the necessary forms. Announcements are published for free on Mondays in the Kane County Chronicle. Turn your information in two weeks prior to the Monday you’d like the announcement published.

The News Sun

Mary Lou, at (847) 249-7249, will send you the forms or take down your information to publish your announcement in Saturday’s Our Town section of the paper. Black and white photos with a small announcement are free but can go up to approximately $200 depending on photo color, and size of announcement you’d like. To ensure your announcement is published, send your information into Mary Lou between two and three weeks before print date.

The Northwest Herald

To have your announcement published for free in the Northwest Herald’s STYLE section on Mondays, call Danny at (815) 459-4040. Submit your information two weeks prior to the publishing date to ensure printing. If you are including a picture and would like to get it back, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope with the necessary forms to

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