It is very important to proofread your invitations and stationery both when you place the order and when you pick up the order. Do not leave the store without proofreading and counting your invitations.

Get a Formal Proof

If it is possible, you should obtain an actual “proof” of your invitations so you can check the wording and layout of the invitations after the typesetting has been done but before it is sent off to print.

I can’t stress this enough. I am a wedding invitation dealer and many brides I come in contact with don’t want to waste $12 on the proof. Trust me it is worth it. Every store or invitation dealer that you work with is most likely just a “Dealer” meaning they sell invitations for a large wholesaler/manufacturer. These large companies take so many invitation orders that they mess up A LOT! So again, no matter how competent your dealer is the invitation manufacturer may mess up. While they will usually correct any errors that make free of charge, mistakes prolong the process and get you upset for no reason.

One other thing about formal proofs, they are generally faxed to you and are sometimes difficult to read – depending on the font you choose it may look larger or smaller through the fax than it will actually appear on the invitations. So in summary, use the proof to check for correct wording and spelling only because the font size may not come through the fax correctly.

Proofreading Tips

  You should check the style, color, and font type to make sure they are exactly what you ordered.
  Check the spelling of the names of both the people and places involved.
  Make sure the proper titles are included.
  Look for special words like honour and o’clock and make sure they are spelled correctly.
  Double check the date and time and make sure the day, date, time, and year are all written out and spelled correctly.
  Check on the accuracy of the address on both the return flap and the response card envelope.
  Check for punctuation such as commas between the city and state, periods after abbreviations, etc.
  Make sure the layout and spacing looks okay.

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