One of your very best friends is getting married. On that day, you will be standing beside her as a loving supporter of the new life she is about to embark on. Sure, there are some traditional things that you should be doing, like planning the bridal shower and helping the bride get dressed on her wedding day, but how can you go above and beyond?

Here are a few ideas for those women who are thrilled to be bridesmaids and anxious to help their excited, but stressed, friend.

  • HELP – Offer to tie up favors, fold wedding programs, address invitations or whatever else your friend needs done. While some of these tasks can seem tedious, with the right attitude, it can be a great time of bonding. Yet perhaps more importantly, you will be helping your friend tremendously.
  • EASE THE STRESS – As the wedding gets closer and closer, nerves are set on edge. Surprise the bride with a massage therapy session a week or so before the wedding. If money is tight, give her sweet smelling bath salts or a box of relaxing herbal tea.
  • LISTEN – Sometimes, your friend will just need to vent. Even if you’re in a hurry or you’ve heard the same story way too many times, focus on her and listen to her needs. Offer to take some of her responsibilities if she if feeling overwhelmed.
  • THINK AHEAD – Be prepared for life’s little accidents. At the wedding, bring along aspirin, bobby pins, safety pins, spot remover, tissues and of course, breath mints. These can come in very handy and are probably extras that your friend is not thinking of.
  • DON’T COMPLAIN – So your expensive dress is an ugly shade of green and your up-do looks less than perfect. Don’t make a point to tell your friend what you think about her tastes. Just let it go. It’s her day and as one of her best friends, do your part to make it a good one.

Being a bridesmaid is really what you make of it. You can do nothing but show up on the wedding day or you can make a huge difference. Considering that she chose you to stand up with her on perhaps the most important day of her life, decide to be a tremendous asset to her rather than just a participant.

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