This society is dedicated to hosting in-person gatherings and events for unattached people. The guest list is completely controlled by the event planner and their predetermined rules. The group’s mission is to encourage real-life interactions in a world inundated with digital connections. Rather than swiping left or right to find romantic prospects, they believe in making sparks fly through organic, in-person chemistry.

The one year anniversary party found its footing at the Wonderbox Warehouse. The event was designed to be fun and casual, a perfect homage to the group that’s brought fun and casual dating back into the real world. An open bar was provided for the guests, along with a live DJ and swag gift boxes.

Like many events, the anniversary party featured a photo booth. The neutral-toned backdrop captured a huge number of party-goers. From the silly to the serious, the photos taken during the event were a way of preserving memories for the future. Sometimes, you don’t want to forget about a good time. Especially if you might have met that “special someone” there!

Friends and strangers alike enjoyed the photo booth’s features. The neutral gray background was an ideal, if somewhat safe, choice. Neutral tones allow people to be the full focus of a photograph, without the viewer’s eyes being drawn to the background images. Gray was a good color choice because of its photographic neutrality. The background was guaranteed to emphasize both dark and bright clothing colors, and the brightness was average enough to accommodate a number of different poses.

Some event planners do choose to have more detailed backdrops in their photo booths. This is especially common during dances, casual meeting events, and formal occasions. The formal backdrops tend to be more strictly regimented. Sometimes, they’ll include darker colors, wood imitation, or nature-imitating scenery. Glitter and loud patterns are more common at casual events and events populated by younger people.

Many a prom photo booth has featured gold sparkles that bring out the shimmer in a girl’s dress. Conversely, prom photo booths might have photorealistic backdrops to trick the eye into believing the picture was taken in an idyllic, natural landscape.

There are infinite options for the setup and customization of a photo booth.

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