Before a person invests in a photo booth for a formal event, casual party or graduation or case celebration, they should consider the type of booth that they want for their venue based on a variety of factors, including their event theme, number of guests and budget. Although many different kinds of booths exist, photo booth rental companies typically offer only two types of overall designs. Consider the following before picking up the phone to order a photo booth rental:

Nostalgic Enclosed

Once upon a time, arcade, movie theater and mall photo booths all had one thing in common: they were designed to offer users privacy. The most common designs offered an entirely curtained enclosure or a solid-wall enclosure that featured an opening on each side blocked by a curtain. An enclosed photo booth is considered a classic or nostalgic design. It’s the type of photo booth where many people had fun with their first dates and experienced their first kisses or tried to see how many people they could cram into a series of strip-style photos.

Modern Open

The alternative to the enclosed photo booth looks almost like a professional photographer’s inside photo shoot spot for family portraits and other group photos. This open air design doesn’t feature the privacy walls of an enclosed booth, but it can be set up almost anywhere in an out-of-the-way space. It features a wide open space between a special booth or tripod camera positioned several few feet from a hanging background. This type of layout guarantees that more people can be included in a single shot with ease.

Booth Differences

Obviously, the two biggest differences between enclosed and open air photo booths are available privacy features and safe, single shot group size. The walls and curtains of an enclosed booth make it difficult for others to bomb a photo or push their way even into the booth. That said, it only sits approximately four to five people comfortably for a single photo. These people also either have to stick their heads in through the side openings or sit in each other’s laps. An open air booth doesn’t have as much to it physically, which actually means that it’s easier to transport than an enclosed booth, but it sit as many as 24 people in one photo. An open air booth offers more photo and group flexibility and general portability as well.

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