1. Some resorts will marry you for Free… If you agree to stay a minimum number of days at the resort, many will provide you with an intimate and romantic wedding ceremony. Other resorts provide a variety of wedding packages for you to choose from and most are very economical… especially compared to the average wedding budget ($20,000).
  2. Particularly when planning a destination wedding, get EVERYTHING in writing!
  3. If you’re planning a destination wedding, it makes good sense to hire a local wedding consultant to help you with the arrangements. Many hotels or resorts offer a wedding consultant or coordinator as part of their wedding packages.
  4. Be sure to contact the tourist office for the country where you are getting married. You want to find out all of the rules and regulations ahead of time to make sure that your marriage will be legal.
  5. Don’t plan your wedding ceremony on the day you arrive… you’ll want at least a day to unpack, unwind and allow for any flight or travel delays.
  6. Don’t check baggage that has any items that you’ll be wearing on your wedding day. This would definitely be a bad time for the airline to lose your luggage – Don’t take the chance!

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