From Darcy Miller, leading expert of weddings, comes Our Wedding Scrapbook, the highly anticipated debut book which published Darcy’s own illustrations and scrapbooking ideas for the first time. The book is inspired by Darcy’s personal wedding scrapbook, which weighs more than 20 pounds.

With Our Wedding Scrapbook, newlyweds can create a personalized keepsake of the special moments, celebrations, and memories of their lives together. Whether the couple wants to paste a few photos and mementos or add more keepsakes to make the scrapbook very detailed, it is easy to customize the book to tell as much of the story as desired. Published December 2004, Our Wedding Scrapbook is available nationwide from HarperCollins.

The book combines Darcy’s creative vision for weddings with her passion for scrapbooking, taking one of the nation’s hottest trends to a more stylish level. Designer Vera Wang said, “Darcy’s undying enthusiasm for all things fashion is positively contagious!” “A year after their wedding, most brides have all of their photographs and mementos hidden in a shoebox,” said Darcy. “This book makes it easy to create something beautiful whether you had a simple gathering of friends or a grand event for hundreds.” Part how-to and part template, the innovative scrapbook offers couples the ideas, guidance and vision to produce a beautiful, one-of-a-kind keepsake. Our Wedding

Scrapbook helps brides capture the defining moments of their weddings in personalized, creative ways – from first-date jitters to the engagement, from the wedding day through the honeymoon and anniversaries. The blend of Darcy Miller’s expert advice and her own whimsical illustrations offers a fresh approach to preserving special memories.

“Since I was a little girl, I’ve documented every big occasion in my life in a scrapbook, from family vacations to my own wedding,” said Darcy. “I wanted to create an elegant, easy-to-use scrapbook that doesn’t just document the details of a wedding, but tells the full story of a couple’s love and life together.” The 64-page scrapbook shares easy-to-follow tips, such as how to create a new family tree, the best way to remember the toasts, interesting ideas for capturing honeymoon memories, and many more. “There is a place in this book for every special moment surrounding the wedding,” Darcy said. “It really becomes something special to share with your family and children for years to come.”

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