Warnings and scams that some wedding registries stores will try on you.  Subtle place setting price definitions, the truth about “Sales”, logistical issues, and money saving tips. All the caveats to avoid, questions to ask, and what you should have included in your contract.  We’ll also show you how you can setup your own custom honeymoon registry so your guests can chip in to pay for your airfare, hotels, and excursions.  It’s the hottest trend in honeymoon planning. Be sure to read our in depth article about online bridal registries: How To Use Online Gift Registries.

Their prices are cheaper than most bridal shops, order online.

One area that brides may can get taken for a ride is the bridal registry at some department stores. Even most of the better bridal bargain books, bridal magazines, or wedding web sites overlook advice on bridal registries.  If they do give you any “advice”, it’s all fluffed up and completely useless to all but the dumbest of people.  Why is this?  So they don’t alienate their advertisers.   Let’s face it, department stores are just a real hardship to deal with sometimes, especially with verbal “promises” made by store clerks.  That’s why many brides have ditched department stores altogether, registering their gift list with online sites.  The attraction of these sites is that everything is in writing online, so there are no weasel clauses for salespeople to pull on you, and the online registries have the same great products as department stores, usually at 20-40% discount. They don’t have the overhead of high mall rent.  You can register for china, flatware, barbecue, electronics, DVD players, and more, just like you are standing in a store, only you’re sitting at your home PC enjoying a nice cold drink while setting up your gift registry. So before you go running off to Macy’s Bridal Registry, JC Penney, Bloomingdales, Dillards, or Burdines, read this article so you’ll be better prepared to plan your bridal registry.

Tip: Be sure to setup your honeymoon registry!

You should start your honeymoon registry in addition to your bridal registry. Sites like TheBigDay.com  have a great free online honeymoon gift registry that lets your wedding guests get you activities like snorkel trips, luaus, helicopter rides, sunset cruises, and more for your wedding gifts. Now you don’t have to pay for anything, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the free excursions paid for by your friends, and you’ll have great stories to tell them when you get back.

How to use it:  Just sign up and then choose from the list of the most popular excursions and activities that most couples take in on their honeymoon in the area where you’ll be.  Your guests can then browse to the site at any time and pay for your excursions ahead of time.  It’s important to do this early, many couples soon find out the hard way that many excursions were sold out long before you get there for your honeymoon.  Don’t let that happen to you.  We missed out on the “Swim with the Dolphins” in the Bahamas because it sells out 2 months in advance.

Compare that to department stores, where you might find one store in a chain is better than others because of the knowledge and skill of the employees.  We’ve heard many brides complain of one store in a chain, while the other stores were fine.  But with our tips here, you can overcome the difficulties and make your wedding registry experience enjoyable. Burdines is the biggest department store chain in Florida, found at nearly every major mall. Here we will relate our experience with Burdines and give you advice that applies to all stores. We are not saying Burdines is bad, nor are we telling you not to shop there.  We shop there all the time.  We just want to warn you of their advertising tactics, which many department stores also do.

We know that we were NOT an isolated incident.  Some of the scams pulled on us are much more than accidental.  We talk to other guests at weddings all the time and relay some of the common concerns for guests shopping at a bridal registry.  A full table listing all the common complaints that brides and guests have at bridal registries is in our companion article All About Online Gift Registries And Using Them Effectively.

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