It’s no secret: spring is the go-to season that many brides choose for their weddings. But is the season full of blooming flowers really the best in which to unite in holy matrimony? Not necessarily. Although it is not known for weddings, fall provides the perfect setting for any wedding. And here is why:

The lighting in the fall is optimal for photographs. Anyone who has ever tried to take a picture outside on a summer day knows that a beaming sun is not friendly to the quality of final prints. The harshness of bright light leads to photographs that have blurry appearances. On the flipside, though, it’s as if the fall season was created with lighting in mind. Not only is the light in the fall softer and more peaceful, but the backgrounds of outdoor photos include all of the beautiful colors of the foliage that come with the season.

Next, the temperatures that are common to the fall season provide a better match for the clothing that is required in a wedding. Because of the cooler feeling in the air, brides can wear thick, gorgeous gowns without having to worry about being a production site for sweat. Also, tuxedos are meant to be worn in cooler atmospheres. No bride wants to turn and see all of the groomsmen constantly patting beads of sweat from their foreheads with a handkerchief.

Furthermore, it would be hard for anyone to deny that fall contains natural smells that are superior to those of the other seasons. Think about the beautiful aromas of pumpkins, apples, cinnamon, and nutmeg filling the space where a wedding is held. In addition, whoever comes up with the menu options for a fall wedding can take advantage of all of these natural flavors to create a rehearsal dinner and reception that guests will surely enjoy.

Finally, and best of all, the uniqueness of choosing a fall wedding means that a bride and groom won’t have to compete against the masses who choose to have their weddings in the spring and summer. Wedding venues are more commonly available during the fall, and the schedules of family and friends are not filled with vacations and prior engagements to attend other weddings. So there is no reason to feel pressure to have a wedding in the spring or summer just because everyone else does. Consider the cool season for any wedding.

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