Finally, the uniqueness and beauty of African American wedding fashions are
taking their rightful place on the runways of the fashion world!  As diverse as
the number of nations in Africa, colors and styles unique to the dark
continent are at the forefront.  From nations rich in culture and tradition,
North American brides,  in increasing numbers are taking their inspiration.
Be it as a nod to the couples ethnicity orsimply because of the beauty of the
styles, this is a trend who’s time has come!  We are delighted to share some
of these glorious creations with BridalZine’s viewers.  Our friends at Anyiams
have been kind enough to share these photo’s with us, as one of the largest
African American wedding sites on the web they have a large selection that
don’t want to miss!


The first view is of a bride and a groom in white and gold outfits the
traditional Nigerian wedding colors.  Highlighting the beauty arising from a
coordinated wedding couple.  The center view highlights the sophistication
and drama of an open royal Zulu crown.  This ensemble has a shoulder cape
that drapes beautifully into a breath taking chapel train.  The third view is
of a bride in a traditional kerriola gown with a modified Zulu crown, the lavish
detailing of the embroidery is exquisite and is coordinated with the detailing
on the grooms Alite tuxedo.  All can be viewed in a larger format at the
Anyiams Site.


Combining traditional North American and African touches can make for
gowns that are as lovely as they are unique!   The first view combines
off-white silk chiffon with a matching embroidered shawl that can be worn
as a veil.  The second gown is a two piece embroidered brocade with
matching crown to inspire an afro-centric look.  The third view is of a white
brocade and chiffon gown.

The beauty of these designs are a brief view of the many African inspired
creations that are available to today’s North American Brides.  For more on
African inspired wedding traditions check out our list of distinctly African
touches, from throughout the vast continent.

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