1. Make his favorite dish for Thanksgiving dinner and hide his ring (or other engagement symbol) in his dinner. (Don’t hide it too well, or he will choke on it!)

2. Give him that computer game he has been wanting for ages. However, hide the real computer CD and insert one of your own with your soon-to-be wedding song on it. (Then be sure to give him the game soon or he may combust.)

3. Surprise him with a ski trip and propose on the ski lift.

4. For each night of Hanukkah give him a small hint as his gift, such as brochures for local reception halls or tuxedo shops. On the last night give him a sample wedding invitation with your names.

5. Bake him some holiday cookies and write your proposal on one of them!

6. Buy him a watch, pocketknife, or something similar and have your proposal engraved.

7. Get tickets to his favorite sporting event and have your proposal pop up on the screen. (Only do this if he likes attention and you are sure he will say yes!)

8. Put the ring/symbol in his stocking. Great things come in small packages.

9. Be blunt. Take him to a 70% off holiday sale at the local jewelry store!

10. Typical, yet, perfect. Ask him as the ball is dropping in Times Square on New Years Eve and start the New Year off right.

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